16 B2B Marketing Case Studies

Insights from industry professionals, founders, CEOs, and marketing managers

Explore 16 real-life B2B Marketing case studies from actual businesses. We gathered insights from founders, CEOs, and marketing managers. Discover practical strategies beyond traditional advertising and paid media. Rather than reinventing the wheel, learn from the experiences of industry professionals.

See how these experts leveraged user reviews in Online Reputation Management (ORM) and adopted account-based marketing approaches. These practical B2B Marketing case studies provide valuable guidance.

Explore their practical insights and strategies and avoid costly trial-and-error approaches. Or find inspiration for your own B2B marketing campaigns.

Prepare to elevate your game with actionable B2B case studies from the field.

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Chapter 2

B2B Content Marketing Use Cases

Creative and Oustanding Content Marketing

Creative Social Media Campaign Boosts Sales

Social-media campaigns should sometimes be more creative than purely emotional. For instance, the campaign launched, highlighting the 2D floor plan, 3D video walkthrough render, and 3D floor plan in a Barbie theme promoted the new 3D products launch much better than any generic posts.

The timing was crucial, as the interest and popularity of Barbie and pink peaked in July and August at the highest rates, resulting in significantly more orders. Having a team to execute bolder ideas can help stand out online from the competition. Be bold and audacious, even if it means using branded memes. Branding is everything, and being shy is not the way to conquer the US.

Link to the campaign:


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Anastasia Corjan, Senior Marketing Manager, CubiCasa

Content Marketing and SEO Strategy

An impactful B2B marketing case study that steps beyond traditional advertising is the use of content marketing infused with SEO and thought leadership. This approach is crucial for growing brand awareness and generating leads for a company like ours, which specializes in fulfillment and logistics services.

Rush Order capitalizes on creating meaningful, SEO-driven content, including in-depth blog articles, white papers, toolkits, case studies, and guides, providing actionable insights into order fulfillment’s intricacies for potential clients.

This strategy drives organic traffic to our site and cultivates higher levels of engagement, ultimately building a community and a sense of trust around our brand. It’s a testament to the power and longevity of content marketing and thought leadership in B2B marketing. It demonstrates that significant growth and a strong brand reputation can be achieved without primary reliance on paid advertising.

Dana Madlem, Vice President, Services, Rush Order

Embrace Content Marketing

Content marketing is a prime B2B case study of an effective digital B2B marketing approach that doesn’t rely on advertising or paid media. By creating valuable and informative content, businesses can attract and engage potential customers while also establishing themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

This can include creating blog posts, e-books, webinars, and other types of content that provide useful insights and solutions to common industry problems. By making this content easily accessible and shareable, businesses can increase their brand awareness and establish trust with potential customers.

Additionally, optimizing this content for search engines allows businesses to attract more inbound traffic and generate more leads.

Georgi Todorov, Founder, ThriveMyWay

Leverage User Reviews in ORM

One of the best use cases for digital B2B marketing is Online Reputation Management (ORM), specifically through the utilization of user reviews. ORM involves monitoring, influencing, and improving how a business is perceived online. User reviews play an integral role in this strategy.

In a B2B context, businesses often check reviews and testimonials of other companies before choosing to collaborate or purchase. Therefore, encouraging satisfied customers to share their positive experiences online can significantly enhance a company’s reputation. This can be done through emails after service delivery, prompting for reviews on the company’s website, or on relevant B2B review platforms like G2 or Trustpilot.

Joe Kevens, Founder and Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews

Chapter 3

Strategic Branding and Positioning Use Cases

Use B2B Marketing for Thought Leadership, Branding and Strategic Positioning

Become a Data Source for Industry

For me, becoming a source of data points and information for industry publishers and journalists to utilize is often an incredibly overlooked strategy, especially in B2B markets.

You can get organic traffic and backlinks via publication references when creating stats and data points relevant to a given industry. This approach to content can provide passive link-building assets for your site over time.

Ashley Woodyatt, Marketing Manager, Woodyatt Curtains

Host Thought Leadership Webinars

One of our best digital B2B marketing case study is hosting thought leadership webinars. By organizing webinars featuring industry experts and thought leaders, we provide valuable insights and share expertise with our target B2B audience. These webinars position our company as a trusted authority in the B2B space, allowing us to build credibility and establish relationships with potential clients.

The webinars offer an interactive platform where participants can engage with the experts, ask questions, and gain valuable knowledge specific to their industry. The webinar format allows us to showcase our industry expertise, share relevant content, and address the pain points and challenges our target audience faces. It’s an effective way to generate leads, nurture relationships, and establish our brand as a go-to resource in the B2B sector.

Roy Lau, Co-founder, 28 Mortgage

Utilize Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are a major trend in helping small businesses increase brand awareness. This is an opportunity for influencers or loyal customers to rave about their favorite products online. As word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most successful strategies, it can help a small business improve its digital presence and connect with consumers worldwide.

Maegan Griffin, Founder, CEO, and Nurse Practitioner, Skin Pharm

Chapter 4

B2B Marketing Strategy Use Cases

Think and Act Strategically

Forge Strategic Partnerships

One effective way to implement digital B2B marketing apart from ads is through content marketing and strategic partnerships. I have personally utilized this approach within my organization by creating valuable content that addresses the needs of my target audience. This includes social media posts, podcasts, videos, and blog articles that provide useful information and address SEO concerns.

To further improve our content’s caliber, I collaborated with B2B industry leaders such as CEOs and subject matter experts. This resulted in a successful video series highlighting our top B2B SEO strategies, featuring practical advice, real-life examples, and even heated debates. As a result, we generated a wealth of information that created a buzz throughout the entire B2B community.

Best of all, this strategy did not require any advertising expenses. Instead, it was all about producing high-quality content and establishing meaningful partnerships.

Maria Harutyunyan, Co-founder, Loopex Digital

Utilize Review Sites

Review sites like G2, Capterra, and Sourceforge have played critical roles in our marketing strategy. Our business is B2B software, and these sites are where knowledgeable buyers congregate. The specific review site will differ per industry, but the principle stays the same. Buyers want to see credible feedback from other buyers.

Trevor Ewen, COO, QBench

Account-Based Marketing Approach

One of our top digital B2B marketing use cases is account-based marketing (ABM). By tailoring our marketing efforts to specific target accounts, we personalize content and messaging to address each account’s unique needs and pain points.

This approach allows us to create highly relevant and customized experiences for our B2B prospects, increasing engagement and building stronger relationships. With ABM, we focus on delivering value and solving the specific challenges of our target accounts, which leads to more meaningful interactions, higher conversion rates, and, ultimately, stronger business partnerships.

Jason Cheung, Operations Manager, Credit KO

Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Integrating online and offline marketing is the best digital B2B marketing case study. This is because you can make more informed marketing decisions using the same. Customers can consume information whenever they want and buy products wherever they want. Digital platforms make it easy for customers to purchase products in a few seconds.

If they want, they can go to your offline store and also buy from there. They can check the availability of products as well on the offline store. Many businesses follow this process but do not advertise for it. However, they must ensure their online and offline marketing strategies cater to customers’ wants and needs.

Many businesses don’t bother about advertising their offline stores. They follow offline marketing strategies for the same. But you can integrate both ways to sell products and increase sales exponentially.

Saikat Ghosh, Associate Director of HR and Business, Technource

Chapter 5

Digital and Online B2B Marketing Use Cases

Tactics and Strategies to Win Online

LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn Company pages are dead. Unless you write it like a landing page.

The Penfriend.ai LinkedIn landing page example showcases how great copywriting breaks through the noise on LinkedIn.

Inge Von Aulock, CEO Top Apps, says: We launched the MVP for Penfriend.ai on December 1, 2023, with a waitlist. Here are the stats we they gathered:

  • Waitlist Duration: 28 days
  • Emails Sent: 13 emails, average 62% open rate, 12.7% click-through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion to Users: 25.6%
  • Conversion to Paid Users: 25.2%

Here’s the full story on how they did it:


Penfriend LinkedIn Page © Penfriend

Collaborate with Industry Influencers

One of our best and unique B2B marketing use cases involved leveraging industry influencers. We collaborated with respected experts, co-created content, hosted joint events/webinars, and gained endorsements through their social platforms. This extended our reach, built credibility, and connected with our target audience authentically without relying on traditional advertising or paid media.

Through our partnership with industry influencers, we were able to tap into their established networks, which exposed us to a wider audience of potential customers. The influencer’s endorsement acted as a powerful social proof, boosting trust and accelerating the decision-making process for prospects.

By engaging in meaningful collaborations with influencers, we increased brand awareness and fostered long-term relationships that resulted in ongoing support and mutual growth. This unique approach allowed us to stand out in the B2B market and achieve remarkable results.

Casey Preston, CRO and Founder, Stratosphere

Leverage LinkedIn for Organic Growth

Creating organic content on your personal LinkedIn page is a great way to grow a B2B presence and hence a top B2B marketing case study. Many businesses underestimate the reach that a successful LinkedIn post can have. With consistency, you can easily garner thousands of extra views on your posts and profile each week without spending a dime.

The more reactions and comments a post receives, the greater the chance of your post reaching other people’s feeds. That can subconsciously lead to networking opportunities if you see someone commenting that can bring value to your company.

Lastly, as your LinkedIn posts gain more traction, there are higher possibilities of finding other businesses that can assist with your weak points and possibly be the start of a symbiotic B2B relationship.

Having a company page on LinkedIn is great, but remember the fruitful strategy of developing organic content and growing your personal brand.

Matt Parkin, Founder, Mornings With Matt Consulting

Harness Social Media Power

Social media platforms have become essential for B2B marketers to engage with their target audience and build brand awareness. One digital B2B marketing use case is leveraging social media to create an active online presence, share valuable content, and build relationships with prospects and customers.

According to a recent study, 73% of B2B marketers use social media as a primary channel for content marketing. For instance, a technology company, Cisco, uses LinkedIn to share thought leadership articles and engage with its target audience. This strategy has helped Cisco generate leads and increase website traffic, resulting in a 4x increase in revenue.

Social media platforms also offer various features, such as groups, polls, and live streaming, which provide opportunities for B2B marketers to interact with their target audience and create personalized experiences.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Chapter 6

Offline B2B Marketing Use Cases

Classic, above the line, B2B Marketing

Trade Shows and Channel Partnerships

As a startup operator, founder, and advisor, I’ve had my fair share of B2B marketing experiences. One of the best non-advertising strategies changes depending on your product or service.

For enterprise solutions, trade shows are invaluable. Especially niche ones with high ticket prices, attended by senior executives and industry thought leaders. These venues foster personal relationships, which is critical when selling high-ticket or innovative solutions.

For small to mid-ticket transactions, channel partnerships work wonders. They build trust, key for purchase decisions, while keeping customer acquisition costs manageable.

Regardless of your offering, content that showcases your expertise is always beneficial. Write valuable insights and distribute them freely across your social handles, trade shows, etc. Avoid requiring email capture to access this content; senior leaders dislike unsolicited follow-ups after downloading a free resource.

Rafael Sarim Özdemir, Founder and CEO, Zendog Labs

Stephan Wenger

B2B Marketing Expert, Editor and Marketing Management Consultant

Stephan Wenger is a seasoned B2B Marketing Expert with more than 10 years of experience in leading global companies. His extensive expertise lies in the realms of B2B online marketing, content marketing, strategic marketing, and driving synergy between sales and marketing, including effective lead management.

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