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B2B Marketing Book
B2B Marketing Book

B2B Marketing

A Guidebook for the Classroom to the Boardroom

U. Seebacher, 2021, Springer

This unique book comprehensively presents the current state of knowledge, theoretical and practical alike, in the field of business-to-business (B2B) marketing. More than 30 of the best and most recognized B2B marketers address the most relevant theoretical foundations, concepts, tried and tested approaches and models from entrepreneurial practice. Many of those concepts are published for the first time ever in this book.

  • The Big Picture: Why the Going Gets Tougher!; Mike Kleinemaß, Uwe G. Seebacher
  • The B2B Marketing Ecosystem: Finding Your Way Through the World of Colorful B2B Terms!; Uwe G. Seebacher
  • The B2B Marketing Maturity Model: What the Route to the Goal Looks Like!; Uwe G. Seebacher
  • MarTech 8000: How to Survive in Jurassic Park of Dazzling Marketing Solutions; Uwe G. Seebacher
  • B2B Marketing Strategy: Finding the Needle in the Haystack; Alex Cairns
  • The Marketing Canvas: A Template for Powerful Go to Market Strategies; Susanne Trautmann 
  • To Brand or Not to Brand: An Introduction to B2B Branding; Kirsten Juliet Ives, Vera Müllner 
  • Automation: Defining the Organizational Framework; Alexander Mrohs 
  • Marketing Automation: Exploring the Process Model for Implementation; Lutz Klaus 
  • Successful Lead Management: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now; Stephan Wenger
  • Digital Lead Capturing at Trade Fairs: Understanding the Low-Cost Quick Win Generator; Boris Ringwald
  • User Experience and Touchpoint Management: A Touchpoint Performance Management Toolkit for the Buyer Journey; Fabienne Halb, Uwe G. Seebacher
  • Content Marketing Process: Embrace Art and Science; Łukasz Kosuniak
  • Contingency-Centric Content Management: Mastering Content Overload with Smart Content Marketing; Olaf Mörk
  • Buyer-Centric Content Approach: Design Thinking to Market to Humans in the B2B World; Alexandra Ender
  • From Keywords to Contextual Frameworks: New Take on B2B SEO Enabling Next Level Content; Jonathan Barrett, Mark Herten 
  • Strategic Account-Based Marketing: How to Tame This Beast; Andy Bacon

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They ask, you Answer | Marketing Book

They ask, you answer

A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer

M. Sheridan, 2017, Wiley

Learn how “They Ask, You Answer” has become thousands of organizations’ standard for Digital Sales and Marketing buy-in. “They Ask You Answer” presents an innovative digital marketing approach that ditches the traditional flashy ads and embraces high-quality content instead.

  • Part I: A Very Different Way of Looking at Business, Marketing, and Trust
  • Part II: The Impact of They Ask, You Answer on Sales Teams
  • Part III: Implementation and Making It a Culture 
  • Part IV: Creating a Culture of Video . . . In-House
  • Part V: How to Build the Perfect They Ask, You Answer Website
  • Part VI: Your Questions Answered

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