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B2B Marketing World provides strategies and tactics for modern Business-to-Business Marketing. The focus is on marketing to positively influence the business relationship of the two companies. There are many differences to Business-to-Consumer Marketing that are covered in this blog. But B2B Marketing also has similarities to B2C Marketing. Savvy marketers use strategies and tactics of major B2C marketing campaigns for their own B2B environment.

B2B Marketing is a broad topic and has not yet satisfactorily been touched on in publications. Most marketing related content circles around consumer goods. Experienced marketers convert B2C Marketing strategies and tactics into the business-to-business environment. However, it is vital to know and understand the specifics of industry marketing to make an impact.

What is B2B Marketing? Definitions in literature vary. To put it simply: it is marketing by a company that sells goods or services to another company. The difference to B2C Marketing is that it aims at consumers instead of companies.

This marketing blog provides actionable know-how and gives B2B marketers a valid and trustworthy source for their daily job. A modern marketer must master a variety of skills and topics. Online and digital marketing, social media marketing, Lead Management, search engine marketing, online and offline advertisement, roadshows, exhibitions, and reporting, KPIs, and dashboards are just examples of the many B2B Marketing topics.

Browse through the many Marketing Categories to find your desired knowledge hub. Learn how to create a marketing strategy, read the definition of B2B Marketing, master the different sales and marketing funnel steps, and understand how Lead Management may help close the gap between Sales and Marketing.

The main author of this blog is Stephan Wenger. Stephan has over a decade of experience in B2B Marketing and has worked for global acting B2B companies such as Anton Paar and AVL List. Based on his work at the University of Applied Sciences, FH Campus02 in Graz, Austria, Stephan combines practical and theoretical knowledge and packs his marketing know-how into this platform.

Stephan Wenger

Stephan Wenger

B2B Marketing Expert and Editor of B2B Marketing World