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  • The basic principle of every Lead Generation activity: Find the people that have a problem you can solve. In this article, we concentrate on paid ads and show you the 8 steps to build solid ground with LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation.

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    By |Categories: Digital Marketing|8.6 min read|Last Updated: July 25th, 2022|
  • Which marketing channel performs the best? This article shows how to answer this problem with the help of UTM links. There are a ton of channels in B2B marketing. It’s natural for a marketer to want to try every new channel or shiny object that comes around.

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    By |Categories: Digital Marketing|5.8 min read|Last Updated: July 25th, 2022|
  • Google's Search Intent is an essential marketing strategy: Answering customers' questions and helping to get what they need. Informational, Transactional, Commercial, and Navigational. These different intents of a search can be aligned with the User Journey. The result is a game plan for your Digital B2B Marketing strategy.

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    By |Categories: Digital Marketing|23.7 min read|Last Updated: June 8th, 2022|

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