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Sales in B2B

Sales and Marketing teams are, on the surface, positioned at different ends of the organization. But in reality, this separation is neither a good idea nor is it possible. The sales team is always involved in your strategic planning and definition of the target group. On the other hand, marketing is responsible for customer-centric communication and demand generation.

On top of that, B2B Marketing cannot create sales opportunities from thin air. Marketers need input. Marketers need to know what the customers want, their problems, and the most urgent actions for them to take. And that is where marketing and sales need to work together to achieve a common goal.

We also cover everything on Lead Management. Why? Because leads are the connecting link between Marketing and Sales. Leads are in the center of the buying process and the Sales Funnel.

This category is all about how to make Marketing and Sales work together.

This is what you get here:

  • How sales is done in B2B markets

  • What common challenges Marketing and Sales teams have

  • How to align Marketing and Sales departments

  • The role and impact of Lead Management

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