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B2B Marketing Cases and Studies are the best way to learn from others. This category features marketers sharing real-life case studies. See how others have run successful marketing campaigns and which strategies they used.

With this collection of case studies from experienced minds in B2B marketing, you have everything you need to improve your B2B marketing campaigns today.

This is what you get here:

  • Case Studies

  • Use Cases

  • Best-practice from experienced B2B Marketers.

  • Marketing that has worked and marketing that has failed. With the benefit to learn from mistakes.

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  • Gira Use Case

    How to Skyrocket your LinkedIn Community Engagement with external Allies. This is a story about building lasting communities through Strategic Partnerships

    By |Categories: Case|5 min read|Last Updated: October 10th, 2023|
  • Samson AG Use Case

    The Samson AG Use Case: Energizing LinkedIn to Elevate Energy Executives. This is a story about Unveiling Executive Brilliance and Radiance in Trust-Centric B2B-Marketing.

    By |Categories: Case|5 min read|Last Updated: September 4th, 2023|
  • 15 B2B Marketing Case Studies

    Explore 14 real-life B2B Marketing case studies from actual businesses. We gathered insights from founders, CEOs, and marketing managers.

    By |Categories: Case|11 min read|Last Updated: October 10th, 2023|
  • Your 8 Point Marketing Guide for Small and medium-sized B2B-Companies

    This is a marketing guide for small- and medium-sized B2B companies. You get an entirely realistic view of starting marketing when there is an altogether green field. Torben Fangmann from LMZ describes his journey in 8 steps.

    By |Categories: Case|11 min read|Last Updated: January 7th, 2023|
  • Implementing Marketing Automation? What a ride!

    Introducing Marketing Automation to Canon Austria was a big change: a roller coaster ride of emotions. In this article, learn about an exciting, stirring, and eye-opening journey in 6 phases.

    By |Categories: Case|10 min read|Last Updated: January 7th, 2023|

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