Top 5 B2B Marketing Blogs

Blogs dedicated to Business-to-Business Marketing

We analyzed over 60 marketing blogs from huge entities like Harvard Business Review to small, personal marketing blogs. Among these blogs, there are only 16 dedicated to B2B Marketing.

Why should you browse this list? It is hard to get dedicated B2B marketing know-how online. Most marketing content sources circle around consumer marketing. The same applies to universities and online courses, which is why I curated and analyzed over 60 marketing blogs to find B2B focused ones.

This post presents the top 5 B2B focused marketing blogs. This comprehensive list enables you to level up your B2B Marketing knowledge. Of course, when you have finished reading all the articles on B2B Marketing World.

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Post: Top 5 B2B Marketing Blogs

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List of B2B Marketing Blogs

Without further explanations,  here are the best marketing blogs with a focus on Business-to-Business or Industrial Marketing:

Business 2 Community

“The Big One”


Business 2 Community receives over 616k organic visitors every month, making the page the biggest one on the list. The site covers a broad range of topics such as marketing & sales and technology & innovation.

The B2B Marketing category has an unlimited number of posts and 91,000 pages in the Google Index. On average, 8 articles are published per month. This gives you plenty of updated content to read, and you can learn B2B Marketing from one of the biggest sources on the web.

The range of topics is extremely broad: B2B Marketing trends, online marketing, buying center and buyers personas, personalization, content marketing, UX and UI, B2B Marketing strategy, SEO for B2B Marketers, Lead management, advertisements, etc.

B2B Marketing Zone

“The most comprehensive collection out there”

B2B Marketing Zone_Logo

The name is accurate: this page is all about B2B Marketing. Each month, the page sees a rough 4,000 visitors and has over 18,000 organically ranking keywords. B2B Marketing Zone is a collection of different marketing sources online; the articles on top are auto-curated based on reader data.

Thus, the page covers a broad range of topics from many sources, from marketing strategies to actionable guidelines. You will find B2B Marketing examples and theoretical groundwork.

The outstanding aspect of this page is the colossal topic collection. A long list of over 100 themed categories guides you to your topic of interest. The article itself opens in an iFrame and pulls the content from the original source blog or website.

B2B Marketing Zone is a valuable source of information. But, you need to know what you are looking for. Otherwise, you might get lost in the endless list of articles on the page.


“A whole universe built around Business-to-Business Marketing”

B2B Marketing Net_Logo

B2B is a UK-based team established in 2004 and dedicated to B2B Marketing. Events like “Ignite” or the “B2B Marketing Awards” are well known in the industry.

Not surprisingly, the B2B Marketing blog is full of high-quality articles. Many renowned marketeers contribute as guest authors. Meanwhile, 54,000 monthly visitors make this blog the second largest on this list. Over 71,000 organically ranking keywords underline the bandwidth of marketing content available.

The blogs cover everything about B2B Marketing. The list of topics is a true A-Z directory. Besides classic blog posts, you will also find B2B Case Studies on the page. is a must-have bookmark and a valuable source for every B2B Marketeer.


“With a focus how to optimize your B2B funnel”


Oktopost is best known for its social media marketing solutions. They have all eyes on the funnel, especially on top of funnel activities. Based on this knowledge, Oktopost has its own B2B category on its blog. The claim is to learn how to optimize the B2B funnel.

12,000+ monthly visitors and over 570 B2B Marketing pages in the Google index, underlining Oktopost’s focus on Business-to-Business topics.

The content circles around top of funnel activities and lead creation. Use cases and guest authors contribute to forming a comprehensive knowledge hub. Naturally, there are also many articles on B2B Social Media Marketing.

The Oktopost B2B Marketing Blog is the one source for all marketeers looking for actionable top-of-the-funnel advice.


“Making B2B Content Marketing awesome”


The Velocity agency blog focuses on B2B Content Marketing. With this focus, their work is a unique source of great content. A must-have for all Marketers that know how important outstanding content is in B2B.

The page attracts 3,800 visitors every month and offers 1-2 new blog posts every month, making Velocity a great resource for those too busy to read daily.

Their writing style is casual and easy to digest. Many articles are short-form “food for thought” pieces and designed to spark ideas. Storytelling and humor are at the core of this page. Still, the content is far from shallow. It is one of the best sources for B2B Content Marketing on the web.

Bonus: 6 German B2B Marketing Blogs

As a bonus for all B2B Marketers speaking German, here are 6 great sources on the subject. Business-to-Business is the backbone of the German and Austrian economies. Still, there are very few dedicated Marketing sources available. The ones worth reading are:


There are few B2B Marketing blogs out there. Most of the content focuses on B2C Marketing and very generic marketing topics. So, I analyzed over 60 blogs to find the best Business-to-Business centric ones.

There are 5 top blogs worth reading:

  1. Business 2 Community
  2. B2B Marketing Zone
  3. B2B Marketing
  4. Oktopost
  5. Velocity

As a bonus for all German-speaking B2B Marketeers, check out this list of top German blogs:

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