Stephan Wenger

B2B Marketing Expert, Management Consultant, Founder and Editor of B2B Marketing World

Stephan Wenger is a B2B Marketing Expert, Management Consultant, and Founder and Editor of B2B Marketing World.

He has over 10 years B2B Marketing experience and currently works for AVL List, a global high-tech automotive company, as Head of Marketing, Engineering. From 2011 to 2018, Stephan has worked for Anton Paar, which develops and produces highly accurate measuring instruments, as Head of Marketing.

Further, Stephan Wenger is part-time lecturer in Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Campus02, Graz.

He is editor and founder of B2B Marketing World, website and blog dedicated to Business-to-Business Marketing.

His vision is to give B2B Marketing the same status as consumer marketing.

Stephan Wenger B2B Marketing Expert

Topical Focus

The topical focus and expertise of Stephan Wenger is in the following areas:

  • B2B Marketing
  • B2B Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Online and Digital Marketing in B2B
  • B2B Markets and Characteristics
  • Social Media Marketing

Core Competences and Streangths

Stephan Wenger has core competencies in B2B marketing and an understanding of the principles of marketing complex products and services to other companies.

His expertise lies in online marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, eCommerce, and lead management in the industrial marketing environment.

This includes the creation of strategy as well as the implementation of marketing tactics and actions. Performance and KPI-driven B2B marketing is used by Stephan Wenger to create results and company growth.

Stephan understands the importance of branding, trust and credibility to create thought leadership on complex, global B2B markets.


Stephan Wenger has worked for different companies and has a strong academic background:

  • Head of Marketing, Engineering, AVL List GmbH

  • Head of Marketing and Communications, Anton Paar GmbH

  • Marketing Part Time Lecturer, FH Campus02, University of Applied Sciences

  • Co-Author of B2B Marketing – A Guidebook from the Classroom to the Boardroom, Springer

  • Founder and Editor, B2B Marketing World

Stephan Wenger as B2B Marketing Speaker

Here are some past speaking gigs on B2B marketing topics:

Stephan Wenger Biography

Read details about Stephan Wenger’s life and his work in the field of business-to-business marketing.

Head of Marketing, Engineering

AVL List GmbH

Since 10/2018

Job Description:

Senior Management, including team and budget responsibility. In charge of the global B2B marketing of AVL’s strategic business unit, Powertrain Engineering. I lead the Powertrain Engineering marketing team at AVL headquarters and work with local marketers worldwide. Part of the global marketing leadership team. Final responsibility for all marketing actions in print and digital. Digital marketing campaigning and press relation management with international acting portals and magazines. Realize global multi-channel marketing campaigns in close cooperation with business development and the respective marketing experts in the team. The interface between engineering, business development, and sales. Close collaboration with marketing agencies. Marketing budget planning and control. Direct report to Marketing Director and Executive Vice Presidents.

Lighthouse Projects:

  • Project lead and successfully implemented the first purely digital AVL event format in less than two months (05/2020). Over 3,200 registrations and over 2,500 participants.
  • Core team member of AVL’s website relaunch (09/2022). Responsible for global marketing requirements across all AVL’s business units.
  • Implementation of AVLs lead management process in my strategic business unit.
  • Harmonization of visuals and standardization of asset creation.
  • Outperforming the other strategic business unit marketing teams by adapting to the COVID-19 shift to purely digital communication. A team effort.

Head of Marketing & Communications

Anton Paar GmbH

06/2011 – 08/2018

Job Description:

Senior Management, including team and budget responsibility. Global responsibility for the B2B marketing of the Anton Paar Group, including all subsidiaries worldwide. In my last position at Anton Paar, since 2015, I managed two departments with over 30 employees. The final responsibility for the corporate design and all end-customeroriented communication channels. Consequent realization of global multi-channel marketing campaigns in close cooperation with product management and local marketing manager. Led the in-house marketing agency and realized print, layout, photo, video, rendering, texting, and translation. Built a global online presence via multiple websites: www., blog., shop., Search engine marketing (SEO, SEA) and press relation management with global acting portals and magazines. Conception and implementation of a live chat system for first-level support and sales lead generation. Definition and successful realization of the worldwide marketing structure with regional and local subsidiary marketeers. Budget planning and performance measurement of the Anton Paar headquarters and consolidation for the Anton Paar Group (30 subsidiaries). Other roles at Anton Paar included “eCommerce Manager” and “Trainee Product Management.”

Lighthouse Projects:

  • Re-organization of the Marketing team in 2016. We went from 15 to over 30 employees. I established a global marketing organization, including regional and local marketing managers.
  • Project lead and successful implementation of the Anton Paar eCommerce platform. Six digits turnover in the first year after launch.
  • Website relaunch of, including a corporate blog and the embedded eCommerce platform.
  • Idea and successful implementation of the Anton Paar Live Chat. End-customer support chats to generate sales leads. Six employees with a 24/5 coverage within the first year after launch.
  • Successful relaunch of Anton Paar’s leading “kids” visuals. These themed pictures are a vital part of the communication strategy.


FH CAMPUS02, University of Applied Sciences

Master of Arts in Business

Master’s Degree Program in International Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences FH CAMPUS02 in Graz, Austria. The program has a solid international marketing focus and extensive personal development programs. Part of the program included attending summer school in Alicante, Spain. I wrote my Master’s thesis on the Internationalization Strategies of Austrian-Born Global Companies. The thesis covered all aspects of Austrian Hidden Champions, having global niches as their home market.

Bachelor of Arts in Business

Bachelor’s Degree Program in Marketing & Sales at the University of Applied Sciences FH CAMPUS02 in Graz, Austria. The program had a three-column base – Marketing, Sales, and Personal Development. I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis on Austrian Hidden Champions: companies that are mainly unknown to the broader public but are world marketing leaders in their specific niches.

Engineering Highschool, HTL Kapfenberg


High school diploma in Engineering. My primary education consists of a 5-year technical engineering program at the Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt in Kapfenberg, Austria. I received a traditional engineering education with a solid practical and hands-on component.

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